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How it works

We monitor launches so you don't have to!
Launch windows change often, and tuning in can be easily forgotten. Let us do the monitoring, and we'll send you an alert just prior to launch.📱

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$7/mo $5/mo — cancel anytime!
25% of your monthly subscription is donated to the Planetary Society.🌍


Q: What launches do you send alerts for?
A: As of now, we send alerts for SpaceX launches. If demand for other launches increases, we'll try to add more coverage. Get in touch if you'd like to see more!

Q: How often do you send alerts?
A: We will send one alert just prior to a scheduled launch window (roughly 20-30 minutes ahead of time). If the launch is rescheduled or cancelled - we won't bother you. Just count on us to let you know a launch is happening!

Q: How often am I charged?
A: The cost is $7, charged monthly. 25% of this is donated to the Planetary Society, and the remainder covers the cost of the project.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Cancel anytime by sending an email to that includes your name, phone number and the email address you signed up with.

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